We offer this range of 7 varieties of soap, displayed in a cool rustic timber stand. Each row allows for 6 soaps and more can be stacked on top for busy stores. Bags are provided for customers and a small brochure is included.

Quintessence soaps are high quality and great value for a store looking for a quality and natural feel in the shop. They not only look eye-catching, but customers will love their senses being touched by the lovely fresh fragrances.

RRP Soaps - $ 5.60     RRP Shampoo bar - $ 6.50

Manuka Honey Balm can be sold as either a daily moisturiser for all skin types, or to relieve the discomfort of a range of skin conditions. Manuka Honey Balm can effectively replace a cupboard full of moisturisers.

It’s very attractively packaged and comes in an easy to use (50ml or 100ml) pump bottle.

Standard opening order is 5 small and 2 large bottles. A free tester is provided as well as a sample bottle for staff.

RRP :  50ml - $ 19.95,  100ml - $ 34.95

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