Achieving balance is as important in business as it is in your personal life. Of course, It’s Natural has to make a profit, to sustain us and allow us to grow and develop the business. But the need for profit should never be a rationale for greed and compromising of higher values.

We strongly believe in small business and it’s ability to develop in harmony with the real needs of people and healthy communities. Faceless people, crunching numbers, developing bland products that flood markets with no consideration of their impact is what we offer an alternative to. We know who makes the products we sell and what goes into them.

These are the attitudes we hold dear:

· Partnering with producers who care about people and the environment, not just the bottom line
· Genuine adherence to ‘Natural’ and ‘Organic’ ingredients
· No harmful chemicals and harsh synthetic ingredients
· No testing on animals
· Keep things simple, minimise packaging
· Consistent high quality products at affordable prices
· Packaging and displays that attract shoppers
· Ongoing support for retailers, and open 2-way communication from production through to consumption

Really, It’s Natural
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