It’s Natural is the Australian distributor of hemp organics natural lipstick. Our hemp lipsticks are a welcome alternative to the synthetic chemical based cosmetics that many women are seeking to replace with organic lipsticks and healthy alternatives. Take a look in here to see the full range, which includes lipsticks, Lip tints, Lip liners and our new super moisturising karma gloss lip gloss.

In addition to this range of natural cosmetics, we also wholesale unique and beautiful Australian body care products including Quintessence hand made soaps and Manuka Honey Balm.

As awareness increases about the harmful effects of many ingredients in cosmetics and skin care, more people are speaking with their purses and looking for natural solutions. When people use these quality natural products they’re excited about just how great they feel and there is no turning back. It’s the high quality and natural and organic properties of our products that bring customers back, not wasteful advertising and marketing. Ethical considerations about how products are produced and packaged are also an important consideration when shopping.

Check out the ranges we distribute here and if your interested in stocking them in your store, please click on the ‘Product or Become a retailer’ link. We’re always interested in new products so if you’re looking for a distributor, we’d be happy to talk to you.

hemp organics
A  pioneer  in using  organics  in cosmetics,   this   range   has something for everyone. Natural  lipsticks that not only look great, they condition and protect your lips.                                      
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Quintessence soaps
Pure  and  natural  soaps. Created by   combining   the   gifts   of   the  Natural   World   with   traditional soaps - making ,  Skin   care    and aromatherapy.
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Manuka Honey Balm
Full of honey, plus added vitamins, minerals and micronutrients Manuka Honey Balm is effective on all skin conditions, and also works as a beautiful everyday moisturiser.

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